'Canada represents JSF orders in jeopardy '

World June 10, 2016 14:03

- Weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin is considering companies to skip in Canada in the distribution of work for the F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter), if that country's jet decide not to purchase. That director Jack Crisler of the American defense group said Friday in an interview with news agency.

The Canadian government would, according to unconfirmed media reports think about letting the JSF Lockheed Martin aside and ordered instead jets at rival Boeing. It is according to Crisler conceivable that in this case, future orders, for example, components, to companies going out countries that purchase the equipment. Below is the Netherlands.

,, That is not meant to punish but purely business, 'said Crisler. He noted that Lockheed Martin, the issue has not yet been able to discuss with the Canadians. Canadian companies have for this year commands are valued at approximately $ 1 billion. In the Netherlands, companies like Fokker KMWE from Eindhoven and Aeronamic from Almelo components for the jet.
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The Netherlands has 37 JSF's ordered to replace the current F-16s from the Air Force. The first aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2019. A test device this weekend can be seen in action times Air Force Days in Leeuwarden. Last week, the unit for two sightseeing flights over the Netherlands.

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