Campaign for safer online behavior

Campaign for safer online behavior

Tech October 27, 2015 12:06

- Dutch are becoming increasingly aware of cyber risks, but behave not good enough to. The new campaign Alert Online must ensure that Dutch digital protect themselves better.

Research commissioned by the Ministry of Security and Justice that Dutch careless handling WiFi connections, making backups and using passwords. Often smartphones, tablets or laptops set so that they automatically connect to Wi-Fi. " This option can be turned off better because you are otherwise vulnerable to hackers, " warned Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff Monday to kick off the campaign.

More than half of respondents are careless when creating backups. Uses only a minority passwords longer than twelve characters or changing passwords every three months.

Approximately one-third does not check whether the correct URL in the browser status when visiting websites, or that there is a green padlock is present at sites where they enter sensitive data. The Dutch are well alert to phishing emails. A large majority says to delete suspicious e-mails and not to click on links you do not trust.

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