Camera Wife Strikes Back

Camera Wife Strikes Back

World October 21, 2015 17:59

moscow - Petra Laszlo, the Hungarian camera woman who last month caused a stir because they are refugees, including the children, tackled begins lawsuits against Facebook and one of the people they kicked down. Laszlo says in an interview with the Russian newspaper Iszvestia.

Laszlo takes Facebook on the legal grain, because the social media groups that threaten her on the site, not removed, while groups supporting her properly, it will be put offline. Furthermore, she wants to take legal action against the Syrian Osama Abdul Mohsen, because he would have altered a statement about the incident. Laszlo took slicing Mohsen, as he carried a child in his arms.

" My husband wants to prove my innocence ", said Laszlo. " It has now become a matter of honor. " The camerawoman said at the time that she had acted in panic. Her employer sent her the avenue following the incident tackle. Laszlo is considering moving to Russia, because they no longer feel safe in Hungary.

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