Call for boycott after zoo kills healthy bears

World December 13, 2017 21:42

aalborg - A zoo in the Danish city of Aalborg had two healthy brown bears asleep, because they had become too old for the breeding program. Many Danes are angry and wonder if the animals could not have gotten another home. Some even call for a boycott.

According to the Aalborg Zoo there is little demand for old bears. The park therefore does not make it logical for the animals, which were 20 and 21, to transfer to another park. The zoo itself says to have the best for the animals.

According to the park, sending a barren set to another zoo is a bad plan, because in this way the bears occupy the space of other, genetically important and fertile animals. Moreover, according to the park, the bears are made available to science.

Nevertheless, hundreds of outrageous reactions have been received on the Aalborg Zoo Facebook page. 'No one should visit the zoo,' someone writes. Another: 'The bears are useful to make money, but as soon as they are too old, they are dumped. Do you also do this with your family? 'Another person does not take a leaf:' You are the biggest bastards I have ever seen in my life. '

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