Bystanders times over the head beaten car

Bystanders times over the head beaten car

World July 21, 2016 11:54

- Bizarre images from South Carolina where a group comes to the rescue bystanders when a car overturning. By joining forces they put the cabriolet back on its wheels, and it appears that the driver has been wonderfully well since.

The 20-year-old Jonathan Janzen was on the highway lost control over his car and beaten about the head. The car landed upside down. Several motorists who saw it immediately put their car stopped and rushed to help.

'They did not know if the car would explode and yet they risked their lives to save a stranger,' Janzen says of his rescuers at ABC News.
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'We could smell the gasoline and we did not know whether there were still survivors in the car,' says Bert Sorin, one of the rescuers at the news. 'First we tried it with four, but we got the car up. 'The man also tried to pull open the door convertible with a rope to his car, but failed. In the meantime, there were more people stopped to help.

They heard a man in the car, but got the door with no possibility. Also, they had no idea how bad he was, and whether there were other victims.

Finally decided bystanders to reverse the car all together. Soon after it was found that the driver was virtually unscathed, as can also be seen on the video. He only ran some scratches on it.

'He immediately started talking and he had only a little blood in itself, nothing else,' said Sorin. 'Everyone was in shock. People cried and fell into each other's arms. '

When accidentally hit one else injured. Two minutes after the car was reversed arrived rescuers. 'We cheered, each shake hands and went back each his own way,' says Sorin.

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