Butcher scored with nude model

Butcher scored with nude model

World April 3, 2017 08:18

lancelin - In an Australian village was concern arose after unsuspecting customers a nude model saw between cuts of their local butcher. It turned out to be a publicity stunt, but not everyone could appreciate the action.

It seemed butcher Darren Gerrand from Lancelin have a funny idea to ask abnormally attention for its products. Gerrand arranged a photographer and a nude model from Sydney to launch his campaign. Decorated with some tufts of parsley model on a mat took place between the sausages, steaks and cured hams.

The reactions on social media are changing, reported the butcher. 'We have one day 40 000 people reached. Generally, the reactions positive, entertaining and sometimes hilarious. Some comments on the cleanliness, but we have not sold the meat. People may have everything from finding, only 90 percent responded positively. '

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