Businesswoman bowed under straiterror

Businesswoman bowed under straiterror

World August 29, 2017 06:12

hilversum - Racist skull cannons, a brick-framed brick and a Surinamese flag infested with syrup for the door. Gilly Emanuels from Hilversum becomes furious when she tells her what happened recently. 'These are no more bad guys. This is tough racism. '

A week and a half ago, a video from Hilversum suddenly became viral. To see is how a furious Emanuels with a stick wants to chase a few youngsters for her ice cream parlor. According to more residents of the Kleine Driftbuurt, the boys have been responsible for terrorizing the neighborhood for months. One of them gets a tap with the stick. Another boy is shooting and screaming Emanuels for 'cancer black'. That does not end with: 'Hey cancer, cancer. 'When Emanuels responds, the boy bites her to' have a nice tree in her. ' '

The video is reportedly worn by the boys themselves on the internet. 'How stupid you can be,' Emanuels looks back. If a chairman of a neighboring residents association then puts the pictures on Facebook, it's going to be hard. New sites pick it up. Emanuels is flooded with shocked and warm reactions from all over the country. 'I feel support from the neighborhood, from the Surinamese community and from all over the Netherlands. '

Yet the fierce racist expressions have touched her deeply. She got a mandarin in her neck. 'Next time it's a brick and I can not retrieve it anymore. I do not feel like people are going to keep silent for me because that racist rig goes on. '

According to Emanuels, they terrorize the whole neighborhood. 'When this happened, there were a lot of people looking behind the windows. Do you know why: the people are afraid. If you're in the eighties, you do not want to catch a bang. '

The businesswoman is not afraid to name the problem: 'It was white Dutch boys who did this to me. They try to take my entrepreneurship. This racism comes from somewhere. '

Eddie Bakker of the Geuzenbuurt residents association put the conscious video on Facebook. He is seeking a statement: 'It is a neighborhood where many young people live. It goes from evil to worse. They are bored and take off cat disease. This woman responds and they like them. 'About racism he is clear:' Unauthorized. '

Let the municipality be shocked. Additional measures have been announced. For example, there are rules of conduct on the rules of the table with texts such as: 'Do not hang around here'. In the district, the plan is glaringly responsive. 'Do you think that helps,' shame a man on a scooter. 'Would you attract something?' He asks the reporter.

Mayor Pieter Broertjes says it's frustrating to find out that 'we do not get along to structure this nuisance structurally, and that residents should always feel distressed. '

Emanuels laughs about it. 'Until yesterday I did not even have contact with the municipality!' She also got a shot at the police. 'Police Hilversum again and again noticed that she is not worth a nap. I get the feeling that I'm a victim rather than a victim. '

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