BURQINI's welcome in Flemish zeeduik

BURQINI's welcome in Flemish zeeduik

World August 18, 2016 13:06

brussels - go in Belgium votes to ban the BURQINI, to the dismay of the young Flemish socialists. The movement organizes Sunday,, dive-in for freedom '' on the beach of Ostend. All kinds swimwear, including full body covering are allowed.,, A mono or bikini, a onesie, a zeemeerminnenpak, shorts or speedo: it does not matter, '' said President Aaron Ooms Thursday.

In a number of French municipalities fines have been imposed on boerkinidragers. The Belgian government nationalist party N-VA believes that the garment oppressed Muslim women and calls for a ban in swimming pools and on the beach.

,, No coastal mayor report problems, '' Ooms rejects,, unhelpful and stigmatizing 'proposal.,, Putting together of people must belong to the past. ''
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