Burglar burglars bring back Labradorpup

World November 9, 2017 15:36

victoria - Labradorpup Sasha is back with her bosses in Melbourne. The young dog was stolen by burglars last Monday. But the thieves showed repentance and surprisingly returned the hairy four-legged man.

The burglars decided to force the front door last Monday to get a laptop, iPad, jewelry and hence Sasha puppy. The family had the poor animal hardly a week at home. The family was therefore completely sick of theft. The four-year-old Maia is already very happy: after the return of the labrador they are inseparable.

This morning, Sasha turned out to be robbed in the family's garden, reports Victoria Police News. The thieves obviously had repentance of their act. In Australia, the pup's theft was great news. Baja Ryan Wood did his story with Maia's crying daughter, which apparently affected the burglars.

'We suspect that anyone who took her either got into conscience or got scared and put her over the fence in the garden. It does not matter, we are just glad to bring back her, 'said Hood. Maia was too happy to add another word.

The investigation into the stolen goods is still ongoing, because they were not reduced.

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