Bulgarian border control voltage

Bulgarian border control voltage

World November 4, 2015 19:00

- "We have the best guarded borders within the Schengen area," said the Bulgarian Prime Minister Bojko Borrisov some time ago pride. He was referring to the meter high barrier on the border with Turkey. It is a four double row of barbed wire that can be put under tension. However, it appears that the Bulgarian police have no money to pay the electricity.

Europeans can sleep peacefully, was the reassuring message of the Bulgarian Prime Minister who wanted to offer the refugees head. The reality, writes the German weekly Der Spiegel, has overtaken the promise. It boils down to the modern barrage for some time now has been completely out of service. Not only the gate can not be put under tension, the heat- sensing cameras and the radar does not work without electricity.

The Bulgarian Interior Minister has appealed to his fellow Finance for help but gets no credit.

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