Brussels to court to German tolplannen

Brussels to court to German tolplannen

World September 29, 2016 12:21

brussels - The European Commission drags Germany to court over the plan to levy tolls for passenger cars. The proposal according to Brussels discriminatory because Germans can deduct the cost of taxes and therefore only foreigners who hold the Autobahn be hunted costs.

The cost of a toll disc for periods shorter than a year in some cases ' disproportionate '. Moreover, the plans are according to Brussels contrary to the free movement of goods and services.

The European Commission and Germany since November 2014 bickering over tolplannen but despite insufficiently adapted earlier infringement proceedings, the committee said. The case is therefore submitted to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

According to European legislation is a toll or toll system only allowed if it does not discriminate on nationality. The compensation given owners of cars registered in Germany through a reduction in road tax is therefore contrary however. Because of the conflict with Brussels lift the Germans still no tolls on the highways. Including the Netherlands strongly opposes the German tolplan.

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