Brussels Court reprimanded for negligence

Brussels Court reprimanded for negligence

World December 16, 2015 11:49

luxembourg - The European Commission has set up wrongly omitted rules that determine how chemical pesticides can disrupt hormones. The General Court of the European Union in Brussels on Wednesday tapped it on the fingers.

The European Parliament and EU Member States agreed in 2012 a Regulation on the trade in and use of so-called biocides. It says that such resources are necessary for the control of organisms that affect the health of humans and animals, but also highlights its dangers.scientific criteriaThe Commission was instructed to adopt scientific criteria for December 2013 for the determination of endocrine disrupting properties of biocides. Because that did not happen, Sweden went to court.The Court, which is part of the European Court of Justice, Sweden gives equal. The defense committee that the criteria were criticized because they would disturb the internal market was rejected. It is quite extraordinary that Brussels as being reprimanded, a spokesperson of the court know.

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