Brother-in-law of the Spanish king in the cell

Brother-in-law of the Spanish king in the cell

World June 18, 2018 08:24

brieva - A brother-in-law of the Spanish king Felipe VI, Iñaki Urdangarin, entered the prison of Brieva on Monday. He must sit for five years and ten months for embezzlement, forgery and tax fraud.

The fifty-year-old man of princess Cristina de Borbón y Grecia has been found guilty of widespread fraud with the Nóos foundation. It had to promote sporting activities with money from regional governments, but millions of euros disappeared.

Cristina was suspected of complicity but was acquitted. The Nóos affair caused enormous damage to the royal house's appearance. Urdangarin and his family are almost alienated from the rest of the royal family. They have been living in Geneva since 2013. The 53-year-old Cristina has a job there and their four children go to school there.

Urdangarin is now more than 1000 kilometers away in the Brieva prison near the city of Avila. It is a women's prison that has a small department for male detainees. The King's brother-in-law would be locked up in a unit of five cells that has a dining room and patio.

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