Brits chase expensive fiver

Brits chase expensive fiver

World December 6, 2016 15:18

london - If you're a Brit these days frantically on a banknote looks rub you should not be surprised. The country is engaged in a major quest in search of four notes of five pounds that are worth as much money as possible 4000 times.

Indeed, there are placed four notes of 5 in circulation that have a striking anomaly. If you rub the clear area next to Big Ben, a miniature portrait of author Jane Austen becomes visible.

The small works by five millimeters were created by artist Graham Short of Birmingham, the Daily Mail writes. Officially it is illegal to describe banknotes, but so far there are not filed. According to the Bank of England is up to the police and whether or not to prosecute.

The four notes are 'careless' put into circulation and a fifth is donated to the Jane Austen Society. Next year commemorates the 200th birth year of the writer.

Short selling his art rather to the British royal family, the Scottish Parliament and companies such as Rolls Royce and Chanel. The expectation is that the banknotes generate a lot of money if they are found. According to experts 20 000 pounds a note even a conservative estimate.

'If anyone finds one, I hope he gets it on eBay so he has some extra money for Christmas,' says the artist.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Short did more than two weeks on a portrait. He works according to the newspaper only between midnight and 5 am. He has namely causes the least burden of traffic speeding past vibrations. He brings his own heartbeat to 30 beats per minute and engraving he does between two heartbeats. His right arm he ties to a chair in order to minimize movement.

Last April, Short made the smallest known portrait of the Queen on the occasion of her ninetieth birthday. He carved her face on the 2 millimeter wide head of a gold pin.

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