Britons: We had no idea of ​​cost brexit

World December 6, 2017 15:27

- The United Kingdom has entered into separation with the EU without having to pass on all costs. The British also had no idea of ​​the financial damage after the Brexit referendum.

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That recognized the British negotiator David Davis. Earlier, he reported that a preliminary investigation had been done. On Wednesday, he stated in parliament that 'such a systematic estimate of the impact' has not been made. This was not done by the government that decided to leave the European Union after the Brexit referendum result.

Davis reported that explicitly during a hearing with MPs. Commission President Benn continued; even for individual sectors such as their own companies, no account has been taken of how much turnover it can cost the entrepreneurs. The politicians also did not make a calculation for a total bill for the British taxpayer, Davis acknowledged.

Negotiations with the European Union are still extremely rigid in broad lines. The British deny a deal about making payments to the EU. Previously, amounts went from € 60 to € 40 billion.

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