Britons block sale painting Pontormo

Britons block sale painting Pontormo

World December 25, 2015 20:00

london - The UK authorities have blocked the sale of a painting of the famous sixteenth-century Florentine master Jacopo Pontormo until April 22nd. Portrait of a young man with a red cap swap in principle owner for converted over 30 million euros. An anonymous foreign collector is prepared that amount to count down.

Officially published whose canvas is now. After it was rediscovered in 2008 in a private collection, is on loan to the National Gallery in London. However, the owner has failed to indicate in advance that he wanted to sell the famous painting from 1530. Therefore has to intervene in the government opportunity and see if there are interested parties in Britain, so it can be preserved cloth for the British. Moreover, the government can now tax the sale, reports The Guardian.

Pontormo's hand, there are only fifteen paintings.

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