British woman rescued after kidnapping 13 years

British woman rescued after kidnapping 13 years

World December 29, 2016 16:27

london - Anna Ruston (44) as a 15-year-old girl kidnapped by a taxi driver Malik. Thirteen years lived Ruston with Malik's mother, brothers and wives. None of them helped her to get out of the situation. It reports the British newspaper Mirror. Now she writes down all the misery in her book 'Secret slave.

Meanwhile the 29 years since Anne Ruston was captured and held in a bedroom by her abductor. It is not clear what the long drama took place. In the years that followed, she was repeatedly raped them and forced to have sex with other men. 'I see that bedroom for me, in the corner where I was in pain. But after a while I felt no pain, my body locked himself away, 'said Ruston. The children who emerged from the many rapes would be sold in accordance with its by Malik.

Ruston Anna lived as a vulnerable teenage girl with a girlfriend. 'When I was ten my grandmother died. And my parents did not want me, 'said Ruston. Taxi driver Malik knew that no one would miss Anna. 'I clung to each spark of love. Malik asked me how I was doing, it was nice to have someone showed this interest. '

In the thirteen years of kidnapping Anna had only during a few visits to the hospital sparse contact with the outside world. Only when a nurse came to visit she was able to escape. She wrote the nurse a note. 'I think she had a suspicion, as she put her foot on it, then she picked it up,' says Anna. The woman then left her to sign a form in which she had written: 'I will call three times to the house phone when I am outside. '

The plan worked, but there was also some luck is needed. Because the family is Muslim and was busy with the prayer, they left behind Anna in the bathroom when the phone rang. Anna could probably take advantage of the chaotic situation created thereby. She tried the back door to meet her freedom, and coincidentally was a key in there. This makes Anna could escape to her rescuer.

When she alerted the police Anna's abductor, Malik, already contacted the police and claimed that his 'wife' had run away and had a 'severe mental illness'. Anna finally managed to convince the police of her story. But even now she is too afraid to return after 16 years.

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