British 'remainers' yet again to the streets

British 'remainers' yet again to the streets

World September 3, 2016 06:09

london - Tens of thousands of people Saturday in central London and other British cities expected to protest against the departure of the country from the European Union. The organization has called on interested parties in blue, to appear the color of the EU flag at the demonstrations.

London collect the opponents of the so-called Brexit is Saturday, for the second time since the Brexitreferendum in June went out against them, in the Parliament building in Westminster. They hope the House of Commons that Monday debating the British departure from the EU to move to get before stabbing a stick. The government does not want to submit to the House of Commons the withdrawal procedure, all have the right to speak out more about this position. The parliament can not arbitrarily decide to launch a new Brexitreferendum.

The government of the new prime minister Theresa May still feverishly looking for the best way to leave the EU. She has the withdrawal procedure has not yet run to buy time to prepare for the Brexit.
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