British personnel should remain in EU

British personnel should remain in EU

World June 24, 2016 14:21

brussels - Britons working in the EU institutions do not have to fear of dismissal. President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker wrote in a letter to the staff no one is forcibly sent from the lane.

British people have always been loyal to the Union and have nothing to fear, Juncker wrote Friday after British brexitbesluit. He says to do anything to retain their talent and experience to the EU.

When EU institutions work more than 1,200 British establishment, but including freelance contracts are there an estimated 2000. Officials working for the European Commission to come basically from the EU.,, The rules are applied in the European spirit, '' Juncker assures.
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However, it may take some time before Britons lose their EU status as the negotiations on the separation conditions may only begin in October. Which should, according to the Treaty of Lisbon have been completed within two years, but delay is possible.

However, promotion for British EU officials is unlikely. Partly because the last time sounded all sounds of Britons who are looking for a new job in Brussels.

anyway the British parliamentarians and judges of the European Court of Justice may continue until the withdrawal is a fact. This also applies to EU Commissioner Jonathan Hill.

How are the EU Presidency that the British take over in the second half of 2017 as planned for six months, is still unclear.

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