Breakthrough: Brexit beer legally

Breakthrough: Brexit beer legally

World September 16, 2017 07:42

amsterdam - The name 'Brexit' would have been offensive to yes voters, and therefore, if a brewer's beer broke out of his brexit beer. After protest it is possible now.

The company 'Brexit Drinks Ltd.' 'Had requested to market a brexit beer in order to celebrate the departure from the EU. However, the European Trade Union Agency, EUIPO, had denied that name: offensive, it says.

Nonsense, said the brewer. He went to the Board of Appeal, an occupation commission who looked at things again. The one that 'brexit' has nothing to do with discrimination, hate, racism or sexism. The beer must be legal.

In fact, by using the name as a beer brand, 'the controversial message of departure leaves itself in humor,' said the commission.

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