Brave autistic boy killed with ax

Brave autistic boy killed with ax

World November 6, 2015 12:00

scarsdale - The 14-year-old Timothy O'Brien wanted to defend his stepfather to two ruthless robbers. His courage he had to pay for it with a horrible death.

The intense detail of the horror murder, which took place in January at the Australian Scarsdale, were discussed Thursday at the trial of 42-year-old Joel Parker Henderson, one of the culprits.

Henderson lured along with his companion Darren Wilson, the stepfather to a house in Scarsdale, where they would overtake him. They waited for him armed with an ax, Australian media write

Where the two, however, did not count on was that the autistic stepson of their victims also came along. " Timmy," who was himself armed with a baseball bat, jumped between his stepfather and the attackers.

That prowess was Timothy kill workers. He was seized by Henderson and strangled, and beaten to death with an ax Wilson. "Go dead, kl ** tzak, I'll die " was the last he heard.

According to the lawyer of Henderson has his client had a traumatic childhood and was abused by his father, who was an alcoholic. Moreover, he has brain damage since a suicide attempt in 2003.

Both criminals have been convicted. Determines which gets Henderson punishment in two weeks.

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