Boy suddenly speaks Spanish after coma

Boy suddenly speaks Spanish after coma

World October 25, 2016 11:03

atlanta - A sixteen year old boy from Georgia, spoke only Spanish after he was awakened from a coma. Reuben Nsemoh hit a kick to his head during a soccer game for several days unconscious.

Reuben spoke before the accident some words in Spanish, but absolutely could not converse. That was in the hospital changed somewhat, since he mastered the language fluently. Initially there was no English word on his lips. His mother returned later gradually.

It speaks according to neurosurgeons rare that someone another language after a coma. The biggest problem for the patient is that his 'new' and his mother both taught not control properly. According to doctors Reuben Nsemoh will recover completely. That has to do with his age.

The so-called Foreign Accent Syndrome occurs after coma, stroke and even severe migraines.

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