Borders opened digital shop

Borders opened digital shop

Tech November 29, 2016 05:42

brussels - Webwinkelen to be much more attractive. By the disappearance of digital borders between countries, the consumer easier to save his stroke advantage over the border.

If it is, we will have access to all the online stores of Europe to the EU. Now it's true that access from the Netherlands, for example, a Spanish online store can be blocked, because that site can only be accessed from Spain. Geo-blocking is called. EU countries have agreed that this should be a thing of the past.

This means that online shopping can be a lot cheaper. In 2015 for example, there was the fuss about the different tariffs are used by Disney for admissions to its theme park in Paris. German or Italian was for exactly the same ticket on the exact same day lost significantly more for a ticket than a Belgian or French, which was perceived as very unfair. By eliminating digital boundaries consumers should be able to easily find the cheapest option.

Now this is for digital tickets easier than let's say a pair of shoes. Web shops are not obliged to supply in any EU country, that would be too burdensome for small and medium enterprises. But who takes a fancy flat-screen TV is a Romanian shop and a legitimate delivery address, can do things quietly.

Now by the EU countries embraced proposal must still be approved by the European Parliament. It is expected that the proposal should be implemented early in 2018.

Another major annoyance, it can not look, for example, the Journal of Uitzendinggemist from the campsite abroad, has not come to end. It is still too complicated to arrange it right technically.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Lifting the Internet borders is part of the so-called éénmarktstrategie, which was launched by the Commission last year. By here to give priority to be boosted economic growth and employment in Europe.

Remarkably has a dozen countries, including the Netherlands, just last week President Juncker called for action because there is still too little happened in their eyes. 'It is now time to deliver what is promised,' they write the Luxemburger.

'If we pull this one off, then its growth, competitiveness and jobs where our businesses and citizens to seek assured for decades to come,' said the group of countries.

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