'Booty Pinkpop much larger'

'Booty Pinkpop much larger'

World June 22, 2016 21:06

- The theft at Pinkpop where Kerkrade CDA councilor Mark Meijer is involved, seems much larger than he claims himself.

It would initially only the theft have been 'a beanbag by a drunk ', it now appears that there are more people involved. This confirms Pinkpop boss Jan Smeets. The booty was also bulkier.

There were spirits, including whiskey, and other stuff loaded organized. Jan Smeets would have caught the thieves themselves. According to research from The Associated Press after talks with several reliable sources around the investigation. Smeets wants to grab the collar confirm nor deny 'because I promised justice during the ongoing investigation nothing to say about it.'
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CDA Meijer was on the second day of the music festival by police in handcuffs and beaten two nights to spend in jail. When this became known, Meijer took it off as a prank. 'I decided with friends to continue the party at the camp after the final performance of Rammstein. Backstage I was sitting on a beanbag from a brewer and I decided to take it with you to the camp. Just outside the festival site, I picked up. '

Several witnesses, however, say that there was a van at the Pinkpop festival grounds where things were loaded. On the van would have been a phone that was still legible. When Jan Smeets that number called, he got to his surprise, Mark Meijer on the line. Smeets wants not go into the substance of the case.,, I know what happened. There were several people involved, I can confirm it. '

Mark Meijer himself says sorry to have his action, because the CDA has embarrassed. Commenting on the new allegations he does not give. Kerkrade CDA leader Annemarie Housen believes,, the story as we have heard from Mark. And will remain so until the prosecution proves the contrary. '
     Pinkpop boss Jan Smeets

Despite that, according to Meijer just might be an zitzakjediefstal is justice in Limburg nearly two weeks later, still doing research.,, We are engaged in additional research. In its importance, we can now say nothing else, 'said press prosecutor Anneke Rogier.

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