Bolt and Follender are free

World June 24, 2017 07:27

bogota - Presenter Derk Bolt and cameraman Eugenio Follender are free. They are on their way to the inhabited world and are escorted by a humanitarian committee last night in the area where the two were detained by the ELN. In a brief first reaction, Bolt knew that he was doing well and that he was happy to be free again. The release comes after a night of unclearness about the liberation of the duo abducted a week ago in Colombia.

In the first few hours after the 'wrong message' about the release, there was a lot of confusion about the situation surrounding the two journalists. Details about where the two were held, where they are or where they are brought, have not been brought out. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands could not confirm the release. The release has never been confirmed by the official side in Colombia.

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Bolt and Follender were abducted in El Tarra in northern northern state of northern Santander, near the border with Venezuela. It is a mountainous area, which is considered unsafe by the presence of several armed groups, including the ELN. The journalists were looking for a biological mother of a Dutchman who was taken for adoption in Colombia.

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Earlier, the governor of northern Santander, the department where the two were abducted, said in a conversation with the Colombian radio station RCN that he trusted the Dutch programmakers to be released on Thursday. On Twitter, the abductors also said Thursday on release of the two.

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Foreign Affairs

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Foreign Minister Bert Koenders said Thursday that the messages spreading the ELN on Twitter are authentic.

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