Bold Frenchman freely

Bold Frenchman freely

World October 18, 2016 12:24

- The French journalist who plunged Friday on live television in the cleavage of a lascivious dancer, there is no retaliation from. The busty lady has decided to lodge a complaint against the loose-tongued Frenchman.

Jean-Michel Maire (51) received during the delivery of the French show Touche pas à mon poste de mission to free the 21-year-old nightclub dancer Soraya Riffy a bath. Possibly confused by her profession, found Maire- after he succeeded in his mission- that he deserved a kiss. Riffy there was not amused and turned her head away. Then Maire plunged his head smack into her bust.

Riffy laughed the incident off and uncomfortable two kisses of the guilty Frenchman had to offer solace. But the damage was already done: social media tumbled French television viewers over each other to speak shame the bold act. Also Laurence Rossignol, the French Minister for Women chimed in: 'If a woman says no, it is really. Even during an entertainment show. 'When media watchdog CSA, more than 250 complaints.

Riffy has announced that they will not charge the journalist. ' And I do not want to destroy his career. 'Especially to defend Maire, the woman even recorded a video. In it she states that 'only a game' was.

Maire has now reluctantly apologized and acknowledges that he sometimes boorish can come out of the corner.

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