Bloody terror attack on city in Nigeria

Bloody terror attack on city in Nigeria

World September 8, 2018 17:16

maiduguri - Islamic extremists in the northeast of Nigeria attacked the city of Gudumbali and caused a massacre. That's what two residents and a security guard said on Saturday. They said that many people died, but they could not name numbers.

The witnesses said that the terrorists wore military uniforms and entered the city on motorbikes and pick-up trucks. They shot heavy weapons on Nigerian soldiers but also on innocent civilians who did not run fast enough.

Thousands of residents have once again been fleeing, according to the spokesmen. They did that earlier out of fear of the reign of terror that the terror organizations Boko Haram and IS have been doing for years in the region. The government instructed the displaced people to return to Gudumbali in June. Refusers would no longer receive food or other help.

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