Blondine wants to be taken seriously, dicks her

Blondine wants to be taken seriously, dicks her

World September 19, 2017 11:12

- Eilen Carey, director of the software company Glassbreakers, has painted her blonde hair brown because she wants to be taken seriously in business and in Silicon Valley. 'I just want to look a bit less sexy.'

In an interview with ABC News, she tells her why she chose her new look. 'I made the decision based on research to change my perception to increase the chance that people see me more like a leader rather than a sexual object. '

Taking another hair color is not the only thing the American did. She has made a conscious choice to dress more conservatively and not to wear lenses but glasses.

When she started collecting her business and money, Eilen got all the advice of a friend to fight against the stereotype of the blonde woman as loose and without content.

'I continued to comment as:' It's so impressive that you do this at such a young age. 'They were talking to me like I was 23, but I was 31, so I decided to dye my hair,' said Carey.

Carey also says she has heard more stories from women doing similar things, not just in Silicon Valley. According to ABC's financial manager, Rebecca Jarvis, this is a trend that takes place everywhere. 'It takes on different forms, but working women in all grades and positions do their best to be heard and taken seriously. '

'A simple advice I've heard from a female director in Silicon Valley is to hear something about yourself at least once a day,' said Jarvis. 'The more you talk, the more you are heard. '

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