Blok is looking for confrontation with Russians

Blok is looking for confrontation with Russians

World May 29, 2018 22:21

new york - Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok has in the UN Security Council sought the confrontation with the Russians he blames 'to spread disinformation' and 'to distort reality' about the shooting of the MH17 in the airspace of Ukraine.

Russia must finally fully cooperate with the investigation into the demise of the MH17. Blok voiced that hard demand on Tuesday. In his speech Blok emphasized the conclusion the research team drew last week: that the BUK missile installation that shot the MH17 from the air was part of the 53rd anti-aircraft brigade of the Russian armed forces.

He called on Russia to fully cooperate with the investigation, something that, according to the researchers, has not happened so far. But, as Blok pointed out, that is not a new request.

'It is a clear requirement in resolution 2166, which was unanimously adopted by this Council almost four years ago,' Blok said- also by Russia. 'But unfortunately this requirement has to be repeated four years later. I repeat it once again today, supported by a mountain of irrefutable evidence. ''

A country can not invoke its right to remain silent, Blok argued. On the contrary, 'it has a duty to cooperate constructively. To bring the truth to light, and not to cover it with fog all the time. '

Blok also called on Russia to consult with the Netherlands and Australia about the recognition of liability for the air disaster.

Blok did not want to anticipate any follow-up steps against Russia prior to the meeting, as long as there is no official reaction from Moscow to the research results. He has not abandoned the hope of Russia's cooperation and pointed out that it is also uncomfortable for Russia to continue to refuse something that many countries ask for.

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