Black teenager (15) killed by agent

Black teenager (15) killed by agent

World May 31, 2017 19:24

los angeles - The shooting of a 15-year-old teenager in the US state of California causes a wave of horror in the United States. Darius Smith was shot last Friday by an agent out of office. The boy died the next day in the hospital.

According to the police, Smith tried to rob the agent with a weapon with two 14-year-old boys. However, Smith's family believes nothing about it. Over the occasion for the shooting party, every other story was about to go round. 'Now they would have committed a crime and talked about a gun. Yesterday it was another fight. I do not know what to believe 'tell the victim's mother to American media.

The agent says he shot out self-defense. At the place of the deadly shooting game a toy gun would be found.

The FBI is currently conducting a pilot project to map police violence in the United States. Because it is often lacking in a complete description of what has just happened, it is difficult to judge whether or not the police have rightly shot or used other forms of violence during an action.

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