Black hole punted

Black hole punted

World March 23, 2017 21:42

houston houston - Scientists have discovered a particular black hole in a galaxy far away in space. The black hole is not clear on where it should sit exactly in the penny

The researchers looked at several observatories, including Hubble Space Telescope, to the system. It is a black hole more than a billion times as massive as our sun. Something has pushed away from the center of the system. 'We estimate that the strength for it must be equal to one hundred million stars that explode at once,' said one of the researchers.

The black hole flying 7.5 million kilometers per hour, the center of the galaxy out, have calculated the scientists. It's probably 'kicked' by gravity waves. These are ripples in the foundation of the universe. That ripple allegedly caused by the merging of two galaxies, more than a billion years ago. The shock wave of it pushed the black hole.

Gravitational waves were one of the great mysteries of the universe. Their existence was proven only last year, although Albert Einstein one hundred years ago had calculated that they should exist.

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