Bjorn (34) from Haaksbergen was injured in Turkish hospital

Bjorn (34) from Haaksbergen was injured in Turkish hospital

World August 2, 2017 13:12

- Haaksbergenaar Bjorn Breukers, 34, had serious injuries in a Turkish hospital in early July. Shortly before that, he was still together with his friend, Joey Hoffmann, 21, who is still not right.

Breukers, who appeared on Sunday with his wife Derya, 26, had serious injuries on his face. That is what the Turkish police chief Ilker Centinkaya knows about the AD. 'On July 9, he reported himself at Silifke's hospital. He had serious injuries, among others on his face. '

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After one night, Breukers left again from the hospital. 'Very strange,' said the police chief. Breukers would have fallen on the rocks by the beach. The Turkish police are in doubt about this story. Breukers would also have told the police chief that he was together with his friend Joey Hoffmann shortly before his hospitalization.

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In May, Breukers gave a kidney to his wife Derya. Before that he had to stay in the hospital for a few days.

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