Bizarre theory: lover throws acid over face to replace murdered rival

World December 14, 2017 12:57

new delhi - An Indian man is suspected of deliberately mutilating himself and having murdered the husband of his mistress in order to be able to 'silently' replace him.

The husband was murdered, after which the lover showered his own face with a corrosive acid. Then he would undergo plastic surgery. So everyone had to believe that he was actually the husband who had an accident. That theory explains the police to the BBC.

The trick did not work, because a brother of the husband went to visit him in the hospital, and noticed that someone else was suddenly lying there. He called in the police, and his suspicion was confirmed thanks to fingerprints: his brother was not his brother at all.

The spouse of the woman appears to have been murdered. His body has not been found yet. The family has sued both the lover and the woman, and after the woman was arrested, she has been known to be a co-patron with the death of her former husband.

As soon as the lover has finished his injuries, he is also beaten.

The parents of the husband have still paid the sick costs, ignorant that 'their son' was in reality the secret lover. Cost: 500,000 rupees, converted 6,500 euros. Whether they can recover those costs is not known.

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