Bizarre: stolen baby penguin

World February 13, 2017 16:48

mannheim - A bizarre robbery in a German zoo. A baby penguin has vanished from a cage in a zoo in Mannheim. That report German media.

Employees of the zoo Saturday noticed already that the penguin was no longer in its cage. They ransacked the residence and came to the conclusion that the animal could not escape himself. The penguin is half a meter high and weighs five kilograms.

The beast follow a special diet, warns the zoo. If the penguin does not follow, the animal will die.

Because the life of the penguin at stake, the police handling the case very seriously. 'We hope that the offender understands the uselessness of the theft and the animal will be back soon. '

From a zoo in Stuttgart was a few years ago, a penguin stolen. The animal was never heard that.

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