Bizarre: lobster uses dollhead as a body

Bizarre: lobster uses dollhead as a body

World September 12, 2017 10:09

amsterdam - A terrifying image of a heremite lobster using a dollhead as a new body, social media users are currently joking on the body. The photo was thought to be wound up by a biologist.

The animal was spotted on the Pitcairne Islands, a group of five islands halfway through Easter Island. Many people call the picture horrendously. Others express their concern about the wandering waste on the world. And fans of the animation movie Toy Story recognize the pop of the movie in the lobster, which is in fact a big deal. 'This is so scary!'

It is more common for heremite crayfish to withdraw a special house. Thus, copies have also been identified with a toothpaste as a body. The lobsters use the best used shells as shelter and to protect their soft body from predators.

They must regularly look for a new house because they get too big for their older housing. But as more and more plastic is circulating around the world, shells are sometimes replaced by other- remarkable items.

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