Bizarre: Japanese priestess slaughtered with samurai sword

World December 8, 2017 12:30

tokio - A high priest of a Shinto shrine in Tokyo was killed by an attack with a samurai sword. Her driver suffered serious injuries according to Japanese media. The alleged perpetrators died shortly after the attack.

An armed man attacked priestess Nagako Tomioka (58) when she got out of a car at the temple. In the meantime, a female henchman was running behind the chauffeur's chauffeur. He tried to get to safety on foot, but still sustained injuries.

The presumed perpetrators are the younger brother of the spiritual and a female knowledge. The authorities suspect that a conflict over the top position within the temple was the basis of the attack. The police stated that two swords and two knives were found.

The 56-year-old brother seems to have inflicted fatal injuries to his henchman after the attack, sources say within the police. Then he stabbed himself several times. Agreed agents found the duo bleeding. They died from their injuries.

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