Birth-swapped woman receives compensation

World June 13, 2017 13:24

graz - An Austrian woman who came back after 22 years of age when she was exchanged with another baby received a compensation of 30,000 euros. Both parents are also compensated for that amount.

By chance, Doris Grünwald realized that her father and mother are not her biological parents. That came to light during a routine blood test.

'I began to vibrate all over my body... It was as though the ground dropped under my feet, 'Grünwald told Kronen Zeitung last year.

The University Hospital of Graz disputes the fault with its staff, but according to the court it is clear that the change occurred in the first 20 hours after birth. The hospital was guilty of gross negligence. In addition to the damages, the cost of the child's adoption must also be paid.

Grünwald still does not know who her true parents are, and the girl with whom she has been exchanged is not yet right. Women who were born in the hospital at the same time in 1990 were allowed to do a free DNA test, but of the 200 candidates up to now, only about 30. There was no match.

The hospital is appealing against the verdict, because it would not be undeniably clear that the exchange took place in the hospital.

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