Biblical evil prophet: Saturday 23-09 breaks the end of time

Biblical evil prophet: Saturday 23-09 breaks the end of time

World September 18, 2017 16:24

amsterdam - The world will no longer be the same from next Saturday. That prediction shows Christian numerologist David Meade at The Washington Post. Meade carefully reviewed the Bible, concluding that on September 23, 2017 the end of the times ends.

The theory was a few years ago passed by an experienced NASA scientist as a complete set-up, but has now reopened. Meade is based on a number of verses and numerical codes in the Bible. Central is the number 33. That is the age at which Jesus died. In addition, the name Elohim- in the Bible, is the most used Hebrew word for God, 33 times mentioned. Also, the Great Pyramid of Giza that it was 33 years ago that there was a solar eclipse in the US, considers the evil prophet to be a sign.

What will happen then Saturday? According to Meade, the so-called mythical planet X, called Niburu by doomsday denizens, is on a ramp with the earth. From saturday the planet would become visible and early October the first effects would be noticeable. What will happen then remains unclear- but, according to Meade, many things do not promise. Because the Apocalypse of the Bible becomes reality, says the predictor.

Meade is supported by other Christian preachers, such as the American Robert Breaker. That predicted earlier that the end of the times would break two years ago. When everything remained cake and egg, he adapted his prediction so that he also came on September 23, 2017.

NASA scientist David Morrison takes down the forecast. 'If the planet had already stolen on the ground, it should have been visible for a long time,' he says. 'The planet should have crossed the Mars course. 'Meade does not have to count on support in the Christian community. Prediker Ed Stetzer makes chopped his theory. 'Numbers are intended symbolically in the Bible, but not for predictions. '

Theories about the destruction of the earth are as old as human beings. Never before has a predecessor been right in this area, but every time someone again dives, who knows that it's finally finally over. Earlier it was thought that the end of the times would break on '21-12-2012. A catastrophe was initially predicted in 2003. When nothing happened, the prediction continued to 2012, where it was linked to an interpretation of the calendar of the ancient Mayas that would indicate at the end of time.

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