Berlin mayor: you do not close on the house

Berlin mayor: you do not close on the house

World December 21, 2016 09:45

berlin - The mayor of Berlin, the population called ' not be afraid. ' People must indeed be vigilant, said Michael Müller Tuesday against the ZDF, but it is ' disastrous as people close themselves in their homes and not go out. '

The SPD mayor acknowledged that the situation is tense after the attack on Monday evening, which took eleven visitors to a Christmas market and a Polish truck driver's life. The culprit is still at large and police put in to find him quickly. In many places in the city, it is clearly noticeable that more cops on the leg than usual.

For politicians seize the attack for their own partisan goals ' '' Muller has nothing good to say about it. ' Especially what we hear from Bavaria, is truly indecent in this situation, '' he says. Müller referring to statements by CDU chief Horst Seehofer, who said immediately after the violence that asylum and security policy on the shovel needs. The CSU has long argued for tougher asylum laws and for example wants the army to control the streets.

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