Berlin: Do not just speak in consulate

Berlin: Do not just speak in consulate

World July 3, 2017 14:30

berlin - The German government made it clear on Monday that Turkish President Erdogan can not just speeches speeches in a Turkish consulate. Erdogan was told on Friday that he did not get on the way to the end of the G20 summit in Hamburg at the end of the week to rule Turkish Germans.

On the weekend, the Turkish Embassy in Berlin suggested that Erdogan could hold a reason in the Turkish Consulate in Hamburg. In March, his Foreign Minister Cavusoglu made a speech on a balcony of that consulate.

But a German government spokesman said Monday he said 'rumors' about 'possible performances in consulates (.), But on behalf of the government, I have to stress once more that they are only acceptable if they are well-known in advance at Foreign Affairs Have been requested and approved.

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