Bergdahl: worse treated by the US than Taliban

World October 22, 2017 06:48

new york - US military Bowe Bergdahl says he has been treated worse by the US than the Taliban. 'There they were at least fair enough to say,' I'm the guy who's going to cut your throat. ''

There he said was less upside-down than the 'administrative duties' he received when he had to wait for his lawsuit in America. 'Because here it can be the man I pass through the hallway and later sign a paper, making me spend the rest of my life behind bars,' he told a British journalist from The Sunday Times of London.

Bergdahl was blamed on charges of desertion and misconduct before a military court last week. In 2009, Bergdahl left his post in a remote area of ​​Afghanistan and fell into the hands of the Taliban.

The army put on robbery rescue missions, where two soldiers became seriously injured. He was exchanged in May 2014 against five Taliban leaders stuck in the United States.

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