Ben sees them fly

Ben sees them fly

World November 10, 2015 20:15

- How can such a smart person can make such stupid mistakes? That is, after the new blunders of Ben Carson, the question that America bends over in preparation for the fourth Republican debate tonight for an audience of millions on TV.

Tension drips from each during the verbal battles between Republican presidential candidates. Tuesday night (at 03. 00 pm Dutch time) will excited Carson, who made a huge advance in the polls, especially the prey. He approached Donald Trump in the polls and real estate tycoon will throw out all the stops to Carson to share a few big tap out and therefore it off for the rest of the presidential race. Carson was a brilliant neurosurgeon and became world famous in 1987 as the first doctor the heads of conjoined twins to be separated successfully and wrote the book Gifted Hands over. With his timid and apparently considered way of speaking seems the African-American counterpart to call horn Trump. SatanAl is what Carson says sometimes very shocking. Thus, the arch-conservative Christian is convinced that Charles Darwin was inspired by Satan and he finds that even women who are raped are not allowed to commit abortion. Carson himself converted to the faith after a difficult childhood full of tantrums. He fell a friend with a knife which ricocheted on a waist belt. But that story now appears shaky. It was certainly no friend but a relative that he attacked, as discovered the American media. LeugensHet shows not only lie. Carson has invented that he was offered a scholarship at the prestigious military academy West Point. Only problem: at West Point, they know nothing. Carson must fight tonight during the debate for its credibility and future as a candidate. And that between seven sharp knife against candidates who prefer him as soon as possible hunting of the battlefield. He will need all his intelligence to endure it. For Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio debate is crucial. The two men from Florida, former Gov. Bush steamed Senator Rubio even finished his political career, fighting in their home state to the lenders. Bush, brother of former President George W., has so far attracted little attention can break and risks losing financial support if he's not performing tonight. Following this debate, it will take five weeks to the candidates again cross swords on TV. The questioners tonight less acidic than expected demand during the previous debate on CNBC it was dismissed after by the Republicans as a leftist station that is out there to tackle the Republican Party. Now, the broadcast will be provided by Fox known as a Republican-friendly station. After Wednesday the debate more in The Telegraph

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