Belgians give seagulls contraception

Belgians give seagulls contraception

World April 11, 2018 19:33

blankenberge - The Belgian coastal town of Blankenberge wants to reduce seagull nuisance by giving the birds a contraceptive. The town council has already given the green light for the plan.

'With this we are creating a first in Europe', says mayor Ivan De Clerck. 'The idea itself is not new. The technique is already being applied in Venice and Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčalbeit on pigeons. It has not yet been tested on gulls ', according to the mayor, who told us that drones are used to track down nests.

The birds cause a lot of inconvenience in the coastal town. They go looking for food during the breeding season and, for example, they break garbage bags. They also make noise. The contraceptive is in food that will be scattered. 'We can not wait much longer because the breeding season has started', says De Clerck.

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