Beggar threatened sportscar

World March 3, 2016 09:07

- A beggar threatened in the English town of Newquay's death after appeared on the Internet photos, which he begging after a day with his dog in a sports car from Audi drove off.

The beggar, the 35-year-old Matthew Brinton, was very upset by the death threats, the Telegraph reported Thursday. He stressed that he is not an impostor and that the car was bequeathed by his grandmother. Shortly after he got it, the car was stolen again in his own words.

Brinton said he does not have access to the Internet, but the police has assured him that he has been threatened repeatedly with death. Brinton also fears for the safety of the friend with whom he moved with his dog Hazel.

The incident in the southwestern county of Cornwall follows another incident with a bum. A beggar in Wolverhampton posing as a poor homeless ex-soldier, this week received sixteen months in prison suspended for a,, emotionally blackmailing people. ' He asked,, a little help '' and was wrapped in a jacket of an artillery unit helpless by the side of the street. That certainly earned him 6,500 euros in revenue and the suspended prison sentence on.

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