Beautiful teenage streamers her own death

Beautiful teenage streamers her own death

World July 2, 2017 20:39

izgyun - Two beautiful Ukrainian young women have streamed their own death live on Instagram.

The 16-year-old Sofia ran out of an evening with the eight-year-old Dasha Medvedeva that they were on their way to the Izgyun city, reports The Sun. Something was drunk and called about how the girls enjoyed life. Sofia recently won a beauty contest in her city.

The video shows that the car is driving at quite high speed. Then there is a scream, shakes the picture and suddenly stops everything. After that: a men's voice saying that there is a lifeless body in the wreckage and someone else is thrown out of the car. Emergency services are called.

Sofia died on the spot, Dasha died on his way to the hospital.

The police in Ukraine confirm that the two women died in the accident, but want or can not tell what the cause of the blow is. It is clear that the car has hit a lantern pole.

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