Banks will sign marketing through pyridin

Banks will sign marketing through pyridin

Tech November 11, 2016 10:00

amsterdam - Sign in shops or other sites may soon be possible with your bank details. Banks get their new identification and pyridin now log-service commercial marketing, it is Friday published by the Payments Association Netherlands.

pyridin IDEAL is a kind, but then for the verification of personal data. You log in to the trusted login resources from your bank then confirms to the organization who you are. The banks can do that because the identity of any customer should always check thoroughly when opening a bank account.

The banks then provide information as a person's name, address, age or gender. Participating organizations have no access to financial data of bank customers. It is also not possible to pay with the tool.

Director of the Payments Association Piet Mallekoote think there is much demand for the tool, eg by insurers and healthcare and government institutions. The government pyridin could then be an alternative to DigiD.

Since early this year the whole system has been tested extensively, including at the Tax Florius mortgage lender, insurer ONVZ and telco Youfone. Companies and institutions that a contract be interested in pyridin can do with one of the big banks.

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