Baby in belly pregnant British appears to be swollen

Baby in belly pregnant British appears to be swollen

World September 7, 2017 12:09

- Although she had a huge belly, British Kristy Butler, 22, was not pregnant as long as she thought. The woman thought she was eight months pregnant, but it turned out to be only six weeks. The cause of her thick belly was a huge cyst.

Kristy from Swansea herself had a suspicion of pregnancy but, but when she investigated, doctors thought she had been happy for a long time due to her huge tummy.

There appeared to be a giant cyst in her stomach that was damaging her uterus. Kristy was pregnant, but the fruit was only six weeks old.

Butler was operated quickly, but it did not make it possible to save the baby. She got a miscarriage. 'My heart was broken. The womb had a size of 20 by 30 centimeters and grew every day. There was no room for the baby to grow in my stomach, 'she explains to the Daily Mail.

Kristy just allowed himself to operate to increase the chance that her baby would survive. That should not be a benefit. A scan before surgery showed that there was no heartbeat.

'Fortunately my cyst was benign. But my ovary had to be removed because it was damaged by the swelling. If I had walked for longer, other bodies would also have suffered damage, 'Kristy said.

Although she is very excited, she hopes to establish a family with her friend in the future. 'In any case, I'll be extra alert when my belly suddenly grows fast. We want to be fond of children and fortunately it is still possible according to the doctors. '

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