Australians feast on free data

Australians feast on free data

Tech February 16, 2016 10:28

melbourne - All customers of Australian telecommunications provider Telstra Sunday allowed unlimited mobile internet, as a recent attempt to make up for failure. That left the Australians say twice: in 1841 was consumed terabytes of data in a day time.

Immediately after midnight Internet traffic skyrocketed. Customers consumed throughout the day, twice as much data as normal on a Sunday. On the Telstra website you can read that in 1841 terabyte equals approximately 2.3 million movies, more than five million episodes of Game of Thrones or 23 million downloads of The Life of Pablo, the new album from Kanye West.

Some customers did their utmost to make the most of the free data daily. So downloaded Reddit user DrRodneyMckay via the Internet from his LG smartphone 25 seasons of the Discovery documentary How It's Made and put 172 Steam games on an external hard drive. He would thus have consumed a whopping 421 gigabytes.

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