Australian couple guilty of killing toddler

Australian couple guilty of killing toddler

World April 18, 2017 08:21

sydney - An Australian mother and stepfather on Tuesday found guilty of the murder of their three year old son. The child died according to The Sydney Morning Herald after it was repeatedly beaten brutally.

The mother would have said, shortly before the death of the boy she had rammed a closet door in the head because she was 'so angry' and 'just wanted to sleep. 'The couple known later the child to have stopped in a cooler full of ice and toddler having beaten repeatedly with a wooden spoon.

Yet the duo denied being responsible for the death of the boy. He would be deceased after he stumbled into the park on a leash. The autopsy showed that the toddler died of a heart attack. He had multiple injuries on his body, as well as serious damage to his spine.

'I have often thought about killing the boy. I loved him, but we were not really a band, 'the mother said earlier to the police. 'Some hated me him because he looked like his father. '

The woman and man are told later what punishment they get.

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