Australia fends pedo-sex dolls

Australia fends pedo-sex dolls

World August 15, 2016 02:57

sydney - The Australian Customs Service has started a campaign against sex dolls that look like real-life children who are imported by pedophiles in the country. According to the Australian newspaper The Age have been intercepted eighteen loads such dolls.

The dolls resembling children sometimes only five years old and are sold in lingerie. can move their limbs and they come with instructions on how they can be heated.

The doll makers claim that they can help pedophiles to keep their desires under control, but experts say they actually promote pedo sexual behavior.
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The dolls are among others made by the Japanese company Trottla that denies that they are intended for sexual use. On the website the Trottla hundred different dolls, however, be seen in sexual positions.

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